Our Workshop

Welcome to our workshop! One of the unique things about our Christian home gifts business is the fact that we design and embroider our own linens (pillow cases, pillows, kitchen towels, throws, hand towels, baby blankets, sheets, etc.). We have found that our customers do not realize the complexity of the whole process of beginning product to finished Christian home gift products. I must admit that I did not realize it either until I began doing it myself. I now know why so many embroidered products are done overseas. But, of course, that is one of the main reasons that As for Me and My Housecontinues to be so unique and is not found anywhere else! Customers can get a glimpse into our workroom through a window in our baby Christian home gifts area. When I see a look of amazement on our customers faces’, that brings joy to my heart as each one experiences the uniqueness of the process in providing the Christian home gift.

We begin our process by picking a scripture that speaks to us. A lot of you, our customers, have helped us with suggestions of your favorite scripture for our Christian home gifts. (We can also embroider special favorite scripture or add names and dates on our items for you.) We then “set it up” or design it in our embroidery program on the computer. The design is saved in the computer and then transferred to a floppy disc.

Moving to our embroidery machine room (the workshop), the floppy is placed into either our “one head” machine or our “6 head” machine, depending on how many items we want to embroider. The machines have to be oiled and cleaned, so that is a part to getting ready. We then select the colors for our design. It is important to vary the colors of our Christian home gifts to provide you, the customer, a wide selection to tailor the item or gift to your own home or a friend’s home. We have around 30 different colors of spools of embroidery thread (about 200 spools in all) so the color choices are always a challenge!

Determining the “hoop” in which to hoop the item, depends on the size of the design. On too many occasions we have selected the wrong size (too small) and the result is the needle banging the side of the hoop and, at the least, breaking the needle! After the hoop is selected, a tear away “backing” is placed underneath the design to better support the embroidery.

The actual embroidery process is ready to begin after making sure the colors, angle, hoop size, and needle number are correct. The monitoring of the embroidery process begins after we punch “start!” Sometimes (most of the time!) a thread will break or the bobbin will run out of thread, so that has to be corrected.

Now, we are near the end of the process! The hooped items are removed for the machine, removed from the hoop, the tear away backing is torn away, the threads are clipped, and the item is then moved to “ironing” to be perfected. The Christian home gifts are then priced, tagged, and placed on the floor for you, the customer to purchase and enjoy. Now, having the word of God in front of us in our homes completes His command in Deuteronomy 6:4-9!