Here are just a few of the many comments we receive from customers of Christian Home Gifts:

11/03/08 – “When I am in a bad mood I come to your store. It always gives me such peace.” quote from young lady in store.Â

Said in the store: “It’s so much fun being in here! It makes you feel good. It relaxes my whole body after I have gone around and read so much scripture.” – Karen

Overheard on the cell phone: “Mom, I’m in that store I fell in love with last year…”

Said in the store: “Y’all have so many cute things…”

Said in the store: “You have a beautiful shop – it should win an award, the way it is set up — I mean the ambience and everything! – Susan, Cary, NC

Email: I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I came into your store
for the first time this weekend. We loved your store and thought you
had great, unique items. But more importantly, I felt the presence of
God so strongly in your store. It was overwhelming. I couldn’t help but
weep in His presence. Your store is truly anointed. Keep on doing what
you’re doing. You are blessing so many people just by allowing the Father
to be there. I pray your business prospers and you and your staff
prosper in every area of your lives.
Blessings, Jenny